Contemporary Quilts


Meet the Artist

One of the strongest memories of my childhood is perusing through fabric stores with my mother. A master seamstress, she hand-made most of our clothing. My father was an architect, and I grew up surrounded by the ultra-contemporary furnishings and architecture of the 1960’s and 70’s. My father designed our mid-century home, and at its center was a huge “playroom,” complete with floor to ceiling tackboards, a floor to ceiling blackboard, a huge sewing area and a wall-to-wall closet stocked with art supplies. This was the setting of my childhood -- in that room - making art during the day, and in the evenings, watching TV with my family. The graphic color and bold vivid images of the shows from the era, shows like The Jetsons, Laugh-In and Sonny & Cher, are forever emblazoned in my mind. Now as an adult, I work as a psychotherapist helping my clients find their voices, including creatively, just as I have had to do.

My artistic voice reflects a love of fabric, of construction and the modern. Through creating quilts, I have found my own way to design architecturally, using fabric as my medium. Big, bold shapes, graphic images and vivid color draw me in, and therefore my love of modern shines through the work. Designing in fabric is hard – and I LIKE that it’s hard. As I design, I am not only creating a composition that is dynamite visually, but I must always be thinking, “How am I going to sew this together?” I like creating pieces that are fresh and unique, and which will complement any modern home or office. My work has been exhibited in galleries and shows internationally, and I enjoy sharing my process with curious viewers.